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How to Travel When Sick


Travelling when you are sick can be very challenging. However, a travel pal of mine that thanks to his success with his brand Auto Masters Collision Center, says that it does not mean that you should instantly cancel your trip in case you start feeling unwell along the way. Generally, there are certain serious health conditions that could bar you from traveling. But, it is still possible to enjoy traveling when sick. Below are guidelines on how to survive travelling when sick.

Carry Medications for Common Infections

Most travelers usually fall sick as a result of exposure to varying climatic conditions that result into colds and other minor infections. Quite a number of these conditions can be treated safely with oral medications found in pharmacies. However, you should always carry medications for common infections just to be safe.  If you start feeling sick before the trip, make sure you see a doctor for check up and advise in advance.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Regardless of your condition, it is advisable not to engage in activities that are too demanding. Strenuous activities may only weaken your body further, making the condition more serious. Thus, try to go slow on the activities and have plenty of rest along the way. After the activities, make sure you also freshen up with a warm bath or shower.

Watch Your Eating Habits

Eating foods that your stomach is not used to can also cause illnesses. Although you may want to try out unique cuisines when traveling, it would be much safer if you to stick to foods that are gentle on the stomach. Besides, it is also advisable to drink lots of clean water and fluids so the body is not dehydrated.

Seek Help

If after all the above, you still feel like the symptoms are getting worse, it is time to get medical help. Depending on the travel insurance plan that you have, it is important to contact the provider and notify them of your situation. They will make the necessary arrangements to deliver the required medical assistance. In dire cases, you may have to cancel or interrupt the trip.

Traveling is fun but, your health and safety should always come first. So, if you are feeling too sick to travel, simply put the itinerary on hold until you feel better.

How to Travel When Pregnant


Provided there are no concerns or complications related to your pregnancy, there is nothing alarming about travelling when you are pregnant. In fact, you can enjoy traveling during the entire period of your pregnancy. However, the best time to travel during pregnancy is at the second trimester. Whether you will be travelling by air, road or water, below are some tips to ensure safe and comfortable trips when pregnant.

Choose a Comfortable Seat in the Plane

If you are travelling by air, an aisle seat would be the best. This is because it provides adequate space to stretch your body and also access the restrooms easily.

Buckle Up When Riding in a Car

Whenever you are travelling in a car, always make sure you have the seat belts on. For better protection, use both the shoulder and lap seat belts.

Limit Your Travel Times in Buses, Cars and Trains

Unlike flights, spending too much time traveling in trains, buses and cars can easily cause fatigue. Thus, it is advisable to limit the travel times in such vessels to about five or six hours a day. When you come to a stop, take short breaks to stretch the body to facilitate proper circulation.

Travel in Pressurized Cabins

Several airlines usually allow pregnant women to travel through to their eighth month. But, you should choose bigger flights with pressurized cabins for your safety and that of the baby too. If you must travel on a small private jet, make sure you do not fly on altitudes exceeding 7, 000 feet.

Check If the Ship Has a Healthcare Provider On Board

For pregnant women who want to travel by sea, it is advisable to check if the ship has a health professional on board to attend to you in case of any pregnancy complications. If not, you may want to consider packing medications for common pregnancy complications.

Travelling when pregnant is quite memorable. But, it is always advisable to first consult with your healthcare provider about the safety factors for you and your baby.

How to make new friends as you travel


There are many ways you can meet new people and make friends as you travel. To some it happens naturally, while others need some tips to have an easy time. Consider the tips that we will highlight on your next travel so as to enjoy your vacation with good company.

  1. Stay positive

It’s your time to shine! Always have a friendly and positive attitude as you travel. Making friends is so easy if you’re happy and upbeat. No one will want to interact with a negative person. Be the one to say ‘Hi Anytime you establish eye contact with a new face and you might just get yourself a new friend.

  1. Meet in Transit

Strike up conversations as you travel from one destination to another whether it’s a bus, train, plane or the ferry. The person seated next to you could be heading to the same destination as you are and voila, you get company as you spend your vacation. If none of you has internet connection as you travel, you can share contacts and begin to communicate after reaching your destinations.

  1. Attend local events

Attend events held at the place you’re visiting. Whether it’s a town, a city or the country side, attend occasions such as pub crawl, concerts or festivals. Join the free walk tours day excursions or hop on or off bus tour and connect with other people travelling.

  1. Stay in Hostels

Socializing is much easier when you stay in a hostel that has a living room, bars and café attached. You can find a hostel with security by checking up in the online and book a private room to enable you socialize at your own convenience. You can also choose to be in a dorm sharing with other travelers to know them better.

  1. Stay or eat with a local

If you want to experience the actual life of the inhabitants of the place your visiting, you have to interact with the locals. You can socialize and share a meal with a local to understand the region better. You can get first hand information from your companion and delve in to their culture. You can rent a room on Airbnd or opt for a budget friendly and more casual place.

  1. Share your interests

Connect with fellow travelers by showing support for the same team by wearing a cap or shirt representing your team; this will make it easier to start a conversation with a traveler rooting for the same team. Alternatively you can find any other thing that you love and it could strike a conversation in form of a patch, pin, sticker or badge on your luggage or clothing.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone

When you are travelling you might have to leave your comfort zone so that you manage to connect with the new people you meet. Get a space that is comfortable enough to start a conversation at ease. Some find it easier to head to the bar alone and use that opportunity to make new friends. You can also visit a coffee shop to co-workers office.


There are other things that you can do that will help you make new friends as you go. You can learn a foreign language to fit in the region you are traveling. Any method that you find easy is the best to adopt to get new friends.

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